^media_display_5b0d7620ff5c427b271893fb/position:right^Welcome to your Perkins and Marie Callender’s and DeVry partner portal - we’re happy that you’ve chosen to explore the great benefits that are available exclusively to Perkins and Marie Callender’s employees.

Why DeVry?

DeVry University and Keller Graduate School of Management offer a range of Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in 40+ areas of specialization. Both DeVry and Keller have evening and weekend courses that are available online and on campus - making them ideal for busy people with full time careers.

Here are just a few of your Perkins and Marie Callender’s + DeVry Partner Perks

*The Perkins and Marie Callender’s JumpStart Your Education program is in effect until 12/12/17.

DeVry University (DVU) in conjunction with Perkins and Marie Callender’s is offering the opportunity for Perkins and Marie Callender’s employees who are new DeVry students to take a DVU undergraduate 3-credit-hour course for academic credit at no tuition cost. Students are responsible for all other fees and charges.

Those interested in a 4+ credit-hour course may enroll. 3 credit hours would be complimentary and the student will be responsible for books, fees and tuition for credit hours 4+, paid in advance of registration. Employees must apply to DVU and be admitted and accepted as a student, meet all prerequisite and course requirements, and take the complimentary course within their first session of enrollment. Students who place foundations may not participate in the program until they have successfully completed their foundations coursework.

The increased partner tuition savings rate of 30% is available for any undergraduate or graduate courses the student may want to take, in addition to the complimentary undergraduate course, while the JumpStart program is an active part of the partnership agreement between Perkins and Marie Callender’s and DeVry. Once the JumpStart program has expired, the partner tuition savings will revert back to the regular partnership agreement rate.